Cornwall FLOW Accelerator Webinar – March 2022

07 Ebrill 2022

The Cornwall FLOW Accelerator held a webinar on the 28th March 2022 on Floating Offshore Wind Materials & Manufacturability. Video recordings and presentation slides from the webinar can be accessed below. This is the first in a series of Workshops to be presented by the Cornwall FLOW Accelerator project to stimulate engagement with project developers and the supply chain to look at regional manufacturability.

Floating Offshore Wind Materials & Manufacturability Webinar – Session Overview

Blades Manufacturing

Reducing Carbon Footprint of Wind Turbine Towers

RWE – The Cornwall FLOW Accelerator

Reducing Carbon Footprint of Wind Turbine Floaters

Mooring and Anchoring Sytems

BW Ideol – Local Employment & Content in Floating Wind with Serialised Concrete Hull Fabrication

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