Cornwall FLOW Accelerator

The €6 million-part funded project Cornwall FLOW Accelerator will;

  • Deliver a novel industry zonal wind resource assessment tool, thereby accelerating the delivery of offshore floating wind energy in Cornish Offshore waters, significantly supporting increased production of renewable energy
  • Build supply chain capacity capable of delivering low carbon footprint operations within the offshore floating wind sector
  • Undertake research and development, innovation and supply chain work for low carbon technologies, linked to floating offshore wind
  • Deliver knowledge transfer between higher education / further education institutions and businesses, with the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth involved as project partners and significant engagement with a broad variety of businesses from the offshore floating wind sector and its supply chain
  • Undertake research, development and innovation with a particular focus on optimisation tools which will allow the virtual testing of multiple offshore operations which will reduce costs of low carbon energy production and deliver sustainable operational methodologies for offshore floating wind technologies.
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