About CSC

Our vision

The vision of the Celtic Sea Cluster is to make the Celtic Sea the best place in the world to develop offshore wind, particularly floating offshore wind, and to ensure the geographical area can maximise the economic potential of those technologies. The intention is to work closely with neighbouring regions such as North Wales and Ireland to enhance the broader offshore wind agenda and ensure complementarity.


The Cluster is led by a Board to set the strategic direction of the Celtic Cluster and oversee the work streams to enable collaboration and growth. The main responsibilities and activities of the Board are:

  1. Development, ratification and initial delivery of the overarching Cluster Strategy.
  2. Coordination and identification of synergies across the dedicated Welsh Government sector plans for South Wales and the Cornwall & IoS LEP plan for South West England.
  3. Open communications and engage with the Celtic Sea Developers Alliance, compare and contrast agendas and objectives, and establish a working modus operandi to ensure that each other’s activities are complementary and that there is no duplication of effort.
  4. Formation and management of working groups to develop and implement Cluster plans.
  5. Engage with the Offshore Wind Industry Council, report progress to local and national governments and liaise with the Crown Estate.

Board Members and their organisations

The Cluster Board is chaired by Welsh Government. The Board will instigate subgroups (working groups) to work on specific themes necessary to achieve the objectives of the Celtic Cluster Plan (market creation, industry & infrastructure, RDI, skills & training, and investment).

Membership of the Cluster Board is a non-remunerated role; deputies or alternates are allowed providing they have the authority to take decisions on behalf of the member organisation.

Get to know the Cluster Board Core Members

Working Groups

Will sit below the Cluster Board. Each group will have an agreed lifetime, as a task and finish group, or may provide an enduring function in some cases. Each working group will initially be led by a representative from the Cluster Board or their nominated individual. Leaders of the working groups will work together as an executive team to coordinate delivery.


Representatives from core Member organisations and key stakeholder groups involved in mobilisation activities will attend as observers.

Stakeholder Groups

The Cluster Board will issue invitations to establish Stakeholder Groups that represent Cross Region Regulators, Cross Region Academic organisations, and the Celtic Sea Developers Alliance.



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