How Satellite Applications Could Support Offshore Wind Arrays Workshop

07 Gorffennaf 2023

Hosted by Grant Day, ESA Business Applications UK Regional Ambassador, South West England & Wales, and supported by ORE Catapult’s South West Programme Manager Simon Cheeseman, South West Innovation Manager Julie Taylor and Environmental Specialist Caroline Whalley, a workshop held at Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth on Wednesday 6 July 2023 discussed how satellite applications could support offshore wind arrays (as part of National Infrastructure) in terms of environmental data collection, asset surveillance, command & control, communications, surveillance, and security.

With an emphasis on the future deployment of floating wind in the Celtic Sea, delegates including representatives from systems integrator ESL Group, marine autonomous systems developers SEICHE Ltd and Unmanned Systems, Spaceport Cornwall, Blue Abyss, Kernow Sat, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and University of Exeter, discussed existing satellite coverage over the Celtic Sea, the extent of Hydrographic Office detailed data covering the region and the forming of consortiums to look at wide area environmental data collection and potential satellite services to support floating wind arrays.

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