FLOW NOW! – 28th February 2023

09 March 2023


This networking event will provide a briefing to the business community of Cornwall and SW on the major opportunities (and challenges) of Floating Offshore Wind in the Celtic Sea.

Floating offshore wind (FLOW) represents a generational opportunity to our region. To achieve the 4 gigawatts target by 2035 set out by The Crown Estate, around 260 structures to support turbines the height of the Eiffel tower will need to be constructed, installed, operated and maintained off our coast. A strategic approach is now underway to turn these challenges (upscaling port and infrastructure, upgrading the grid, developing a workforce and preparing SME capability) into opportunities.

This event is organised by Celtic Sea Power through the Cornwall FLOW Accelerator in collaboration with the MOR Group /Cornwall Marine Network / MOR Group, Marinei2 and the Celtic Sea Cluster.

Presentations from:

• Opportunities of Floating Wind for Cornwall and the region. Phil Johnston, Celtic Sea Power

• The Celtic Sea Cluster. Simon Cheeseman, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

• The MOR Group. Shaun Slaymaker, MOR Group/Cornwall Marine Network

• Tugdock’s enabling technology for FLOW. Tugdock, Lucas Lowe-Houghton

• The Norwegian Offshore Wind (NOW). Tor Arne Johnsen, NOW

Slides:  01 – FLOW NOW Slides

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