Concrete for FLOW Workshop 17th October

09 March 2023

Cornwall FLOW Accelerator (CFA) organised and ran a workshop on “Concrete for floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea”.   Much uncertainty remains on the use of concrete in floating wind but the potential is huge – specifically given its potential supply from within the region.  This workshop therefore recognised the need for clearer understanding of the scale and specification of the concrete requirement for FLOW.  With this, the region’s capability to meet that need could be better assessed.

Our key aims for the workshop were therefore to:

  1. Articulate likely requirements of concrete for FLOW in the Celtic Sea.
  2. Present current regional supply capability
  3. Explore how regional capability might adapt and/or scale up.

Summary Notes:  Concrete for FLOW Workshop, 17th Oct, SACC – Summary Notes v6 CFA CONCRETE WORKSHOP


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