CFA – Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture – 8th September 2022

02 December 2022

Cornwall FLOW Accelerator (CFA), in conjunction with the Marine-I2 project and Celtic Sea Cluster, held a  workshop on the potential for wind turbine blade manufacture utilising novel materials and processes.  The workshop was held on 8th September 2022, hosted by the University of Plymouth.

Significant research and development work has been conducted by ORE Catapult both independently and with the National Composites Centre (NCC) to explore novel, in many cases disruptive, processes and materials for the manufacture of wind turbine blades.  The University of Plymouth have renowned expertise in the field of composites.  Together these organisations are at the cutting edge of research relevant to wind turbine blade production.

This event was designed to share the most recent research and developments within blade construction and allow organisations to see and explore the business opportunities that these present.

The event included presenters from ORE Catapult, NCC and University of Plymouth as well as two industry speakers.  The key objective was to achieve a clear and stimulating delivery of leading-edge research as well as creating an environment in which industry were able to contribute, question and make contacts for future collaboration/planning.

The event successfully:

  • Raised awareness of challenges and opportunities for the composites industry in Celtic Sea floating offshore wind.
  • Shared latest research and real world lessons on composites; for blades and the offshore wind industry in general.
  • Stimulated discussions on technical challenges. Key themes emerging included:
    • Recycling
    • Natural fibres
    • Skills / workforce
    • LCOE
  • Highlighted the challenge of scaling up composites capability, specifically for any significant role in Celtic Sea FLOW
  • Highlighted the need for an appropriately skilled workforce if the composites industry is to be significantly expanded in the region.
  • Highlighted uncertainty around route to market into offshore wind supply chain.

CFA Composites Workshop

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